Chiquita Hart

2019-20 | Birmingham School of Architecture, BCU

ARC6013 Design Resolution 3

Blurred Boundaries

The first part of my exploration involved the concept of diffusion through the mapping of enclosed spaces within Digbeth. Inspired by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, I created a matrix which resulted in a field diagram, a tool in which rules and hierarchies may be applied to help bring outside forces into the site, essentially helping me develop form. Following from this, with my first element being art galleries and Digbeth being the home of the arts, I felt compelled to manipulate the community centre halls into a flexible art  workshop for young adult excons, specifically BAME. Furthermore, as I began exploring my thesis I was heavily influenced by the idea of this changing phase within these young adults’ lives. Arnold Van Gennepe’s, ‘Les Rites De Passages’ discusses the phases which are present in our lives, however the ‘liminal’ phase was one which created intrigue. The users, being ex-cons and young adults are faced with the challenge of re-integrating into an existing community and society, where their pasts become attached to them and their identities.
Using this philosophical idea, I approached the matter architecturally using readings from Subha Mukherjil to explore what can be described as this intangible “blurred boundary” where the user, activity or space is not explicitly confronted or defined. Through my thesis I aim to study these “blurred boundaries” through lighting and creating a canopy which inhabits blurred boundaries and spaces.